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Receive Air Miles, an Aerial Tour over PEI, and a Set of Audio CD's that could change your life!  Potentially a $1,720 savings!

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Michael Poczynek's
Prince Edward Island Real Estate "Seller's Advantages"

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Agent, Century 21 Northumberland Real Estate (1987) Ltd.

Using another Realtor (or friend) could be costing you thousands of dollars and possibly Months or Years of wasted time!

Before you list with any other agent in PEI, take the time to Watch this Video:


... and read this text:

The Evolution of Prince Edward Island Real Estate from Michael Poczynek; a Marketing and Advertising expert who has specialized in PEI Real Estate Full Time since 1997.

The Original idea: MORE MONEY for your Prince Edward Island Real Estate in LESS TIME at a HIGHER PRICE!

·        No annoying price reduction calls every week (some companies base their entire practice on this tactic; calling you every month for a price reduction). 

·        Stand out from the crowd!  More than an MLS listing and a for-sale sign! 

·        Compare this document with what the other agents are offering (or more likely not offering).

Without state of the art marketing and advertising, you could be on the market for YEARS and lose THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!  Michael has the most comprehensive and extensive marketing and advertising program in PEI.

Michael’s evolution: The progress of state of the art PEI Real Estate Marketing:

1997 – FIRST TO THE INTERNET: The first major Prince Edward Island Real Estate Website. – The number one brand in PEI Real Estate has been created and becomes situated on the first page of Google for the last 14 years, generating over a million views and over 21,582 registered e-mail addresses in his massive database. is now synonymous with the best marketing and advertising program available on the island!  Nothing comes close – Nothing!

1999 – FIRST TO USE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: The first agent to use a high quality digital camera to get listings on websites and MLS within minutes, not days or weeks!  This also allows Michael to digitally enhance, sharpen, crop, and brighten otherwise dull unattractive photographs. Michael receives calls from major companies wanting to place these high quality photos on company calendars.

2000 – FIRST TO OFFER A WEEKLY PEI REAL ESTATE NEWSLETTER: Sent to over 21,582 interested buyers and sellers every week.  Saturdays sometimes includes recent video updates.  Be sure to subscribe to his newsletter for daily and weekly updates at

2001 – FIRST TO OFFER STAGING SERVICE & PROFESSIONAL PICTURES: The first agent to use high end digital camera equipment, home staging, and digital editing software to create the best photographs in listings.  We dress up your home for photos, and provide you with advice on how to prep your home for showings.

2002 – FIRST TO OFFER HIGH SPEED DIGITAL AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY:  The first agent to do large volume, high resolution digital Aerial Photography.

2006 – FIRST TO BRING AERIAL PHOTOS TO THE INTERNET: was created boasting over 12,000 aerial photos online.

2008 – FIRST TO OFFER HD VIDEO:, PEI’s first High Definition Real Estate Channel responsible for selling 17 properties in its first 8 months and receiving over 194,412 views -- making it number one in PEI for Real Estate.  Be sure to subscribe to his videos for daily and weekly updates.

Consider this: consumers that watch product videos online are 95 percent likelier to make a purchase than consumers that do not view videos (Source: Internet Retailer). Additionally, marketers that use video properly tagged with relevant keywords are more likely to move up in Google search results (Source: Forrester). These findings highlight how real estate professionals and businesses of any size can benefit from including video and other social strategies in their marketing mix.

2009 – THE FIRST TO PUT GPS COORDINATES ON LISTINGS: Allowing people to find listings particularly land and acreage easily. This results in more showings, and chances to sell the property.

2009 – TWITTER, FACEBOOK, AND WORDPRESS (BLOG):  Michael enters the world of social media and creates a large following and up to the second video and listing updates.  Be sure to subscribe to his Twitter Account for instant updates:!/michael_768

2010 – FIRST TO OFFER AERIAL HD VIDEO FOR REAL ESTATE IN PEI:  The first agent to offer specialized aerial video tours in HD in PEI. 

2011 – FACEBOOK PRESENCE:  With Facebook becoming the number three website next to YouTube and Google, a presence was required.  Michael now posts his new videos and listings to his multitude of over 39 websites, YouTube (the number 2 search engine in the world), his blog at, Twitter, and Facebook. will become the second most well known brand name in PEI Real Estate since

Summerside Waterfront Mall Sales Website

With millions of views, and over 21,582 active subscribers to PEI’s largest e-mail mailing list, Michael can get the message out.  He proved this when he sold the Summerside Waterfront Shopping Mall (Twice), and numerous hard to sell properties all over the island.  Michael has been involved with real estate offers from a few thousand dollars to $120 Million (in Ontario).

There are only two things that will sell any property located just about anywhere - Price or Market Exposure - watch this video:


The Local, National, and International Media is one of the best ways to get your property exposed to the World and Michael has been featured in:

CNN: Money Magazine (front cover) – affordable beach houses.

Money Magazine (front cover)

AOL USA (main logon page)

AOL Real Estate Section

New York Times

Asked to appear on HGTV House Hunters.

CBC TV National News


CBC Radio

The Journal (Summerside)

The Guardian (Charlottetown)

The Globe & Mail (Canada National)

Call for Help TV(Canada)

International G4 Tech TV


Here is a very small list of some things he is working on to market his properties, and what you are missing  by using another agent: (He does not disclose everything in order to keep the alleged competition in the dark.)

PRINT & INTERNET MEDIA constant marketing in:

The Journal Pioneer (Summerside)

The Guardian (Charlottetown)

Boston Globe

Boston Herald

Globe & Mail (Canada)

National Post (Canada)

Ottawa Hill

Long Island Dan’s Paper


Cottage Link

Wall Street Journal

New York Times

Money Sense Magazine

Yahoo! Groups/MSN Groups

The Hamilton Spectator (Ontario)

The Toronto Star

The Toronto Sun

The Real Estate Book (now discontinued)



Edmonton Sun

Edmonton Star

Calgary Sun

Calgary Harald

LoopNet (commercial real estate)

ICI World (commercial real estate) – I was involved with the development of this company when I was much younger.  It is now the second largest commercial site in the world. 

... and many more.


 Other things Michael Poczynek does to market properties:

·         Instant faxing of properties to 7,700 Canadian Real Estate Offices and 240 PEI Realtors.

·         Instant faxing of properties to 3,441 Prince Edward Island Business Fax Numbers.

·         Multiple Listing Service across Canada and the world at

·         7431 e-mails to commercial agents world-wide (for commercial properties)

·         21,582+ e-mails to active buyers on his "active buyer" e-mail list (sent weekly)

·         Active marketing on hundreds of websites internationally

·         More than 1 MILLION visitors to his #1 Web Site & NOW PEI's Largest Aerial Photo Library.

·         Marketing on PEI's number 1 Aerial Photo Website:

·         Professional Digital pictures done at 10+ Mega Pixels with a professional camera (all processed in his office -- No Outsourcing).

·         One full time marketing person on staff in our office.

·         New since 2010!  Professional videos done for YouTube and 20 other sites: See:  Over 190,241 views as of 2/2/2012. The largest and most watched Real Estate Channel in PEI.  YouTube is now the second most popular search engine in the world only second to Google.  In the first 18 months, was responsible for selling 17 properties.

·         Twitter Broadcasts for new listings:

·         HD Videos & Aerial Photographs taken by Michael personally -- No Outsourcing.

·         Great descriptions that excite buyers and sell properties.

·         Selling bonuses that excite Realtors -- to promote your property!

·         Exposure in Luxury Real and Magazine (for properties $5M+)

·         Cooperation with Southeby's International for High End properties.

·         Front and Inside cover of "The Real Estate Book" circulating at 562 locations, 30,000 copies in PEI.  See (discountinued)

·         Journal Pioneer "Web Browser" Local Internet Directory available all year long.

·         Constant classified ad's in both local papers: The Journal & The Guardian.

·         200+ Keywords on the world's most popular search engine: Google

·         Google keyword ad always running.

·         Vanity website names: ie.,,, and

·         The only agent in PEI doing videos since 2008 -- all in house -- with in house editing.

·         Constant marketing on,,, and many more.

·         Over 30+ Century 21 Northumberland company websites that share all the companies listings for more exposure.

·         RSS Feed for newsletters for newsgroup users at:

· is usually on the first page of when using the two main keywords people use "prince edward island real estate", and "pei real estate".

·         Featured on (very popular for search engines).

·         Syndication through Micheal's many websites including and not limited to:

·         Member of LoopNet: The world's largest commercial real estate site.

·         Member of ICI World: The world's 2nd largest commercial real estate site.  Michael was actually involved with the development of this site when he was a teenager.

·         Member of the Atlantic Commercial Council (ACC) - There are only 8 members in PEI (1/13/11).

The list goes on and on...  Michael does more than 50 other marketing items not on this list (for confidentiality reasons) - We do not want to tell the competition everything Michael is doing!


Do you have a Waterfront or High End property to sell?  I have the plan to do it!

$$$ MILLIONS in PEI Real Estate SOLD in days from this site --  1000's of Feet of PEI Waterfront!  Top Waterfront Properties in Prince Edward Island OFFERED HERE.

Michael Poczynek winner of the following awards (in no particular order):  Century 21 Masters Ruby 2002, Silver Award 1999, End Year Performance 1999/2001/2002, Q2 2003, Q3 2002, Q4 1999/2002, Top $$$ Dollar Earner in 2003/2004/2005, 2006-#1 Earner in PEI -- #72 Earner in Canada for Century 21 Canada. Still a record earner today in 2011.

 Consistently Top $$$ and Sales producer in PEI!

Michael has the most Comprehensive & Extensive Marketing program in PEI, if not Canada.  If your agent's only marketing program is putting up a 4-sale sign, MLS, or listing your property on some corporate website no one ever sees, and constantly asking for price reductions -- It's time to re-think your Realtor selection.  His goal is TOP Dollar for you, in the least amount of time!  Call Michael today to see if your property qualifies for his Award Winning marketing program: DIRECT Toll Free Number  1-888-295-6863.

Use another agent for selling and here is what you are missing out on:

What Our Company Offers:

Number 1 office in listings and sales in our area for 2010 (and many other years).

25  Agents working hard to serve you better.  23 Full Time.

Only office providing Air Miles.

Only office offering potential condos RCI for 400.00 worth up to 3000.00 US.

Two Full Time Brokers who care about your business.

Full time Computer technician to keep your property in front of the world.

Large visible office on third busiest street in Prince Edward Island.

19 websites all being marketed around the world independently by company and agents.

Number one in listings on PEI. When people search they look for a company who has the supply to get the job done.

Member of MLS of Prince Edward Island.

We have and always have had members on the board to keep our company more professional.

Property Management and Listing Agency for CMHC.

Registered supplier with Brookfield Relocation Services for RCMP/Military/Government.

We have Bilingual Agents.

Videos on YouTube.

We will take 21 pictures + of your property to promote to the world.

There is a full time appraiser.

We have a finance company in house: Centum Financial Options , Tricia Keen 436-7999.

We have a full time Staging Agent who will stage your home for a small fee, if desired.

We will advertise the home in local media on a rotation basis.

We will do Open Houses.

We market around the World through some of our high profile Century 21 applications.

We are specialists in all elements of the Real Estate Industry .

We have had great success in Marketing and selling Commercial properties all over the Island.

We have listings from tip to tip of the province and can sell anything listed on PEI.

Waterfront is a specialty of our company and we take great pride in our success .

We market all properties in price up to our highest, which is 15 million.

We are involved in supporting many local charities. We are a company who Cares.

We are continuously changing our marketing to meet the needs of the market.

We do Aerial Photography to promote our spectacular Island.

We have Satellite Offices in Borden, Kensington, and O'Leary.

We have an office in Borden, which is the first and last for people and tourists to visit upon entering or leaving our scenic province.

We have many connections through our professional communities to get your deal done.

We have 26 prideful years of success.

Century 21 is the most recognized and most respected, LARGEST REAL ESTATE ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD.

We have a group of team players, who collectively have experience in all aspects of life and business.

Constant exposure at Home Shows all across Canada, including and not limited to, Moncton, Alberta (Edmonton & Calgary), and Summerside (PEI).

This is only a small fraction of what Michael does to market your property!  You will not find any of his proprietary secrets here gained from selling PEI Real Estate as a full time agent since 1997.

Read these Testimonials:

Unsolicited Testimonials:

"If you want the top agent on the island Michael is my choice. He has a greater marketing reach than any other agent I have had contact with and the ability to match it. His fee is higher but in the end when he moves your listing where others fail and at a bigger dollar you both win. I am very satisfied with Michael's performance for my wife and I. I do not know of a more capable and results oriented agent in PEI. I highly endorse Michael Poczynek." ... Chris from Quebec, Canada.

"Having been on your email marketing list for almost two years, I must take a moment to commend you on your highly professional and informative emails and links to Web pages with property details. ... Certainly your illuminating emails have helped acquaint my wife and me with the values and venues on PEI. You will be the first person we contact when we can embark on our search for a PEI retreat." ... Whit from California, USA.

"Michael, You are too cool. Keep up the good work." ... Brian, former Century 21 Agent in PEI, now in Alberta.

"My property was on the market for 5 years with other agents, Michael listed it and sold it in 1 hour!  Thank you for your help and personal attention. You are the first realtor on PEI to make a difference. In the future, you will be the only one who I will ask for help." ... Rev. Richard, MD, USA

"You do nice work Michael and are the first REA to do this property justice.  Thank you."  ... Richard, FL, USA.

"Michael: I like the speed at which you move." ... Patrick, Lawyer, Alberta.

"Hi Michael,  I thought it was very impressive today when my Blackberry went off at 11:02 with your weekly newsletter & then my fax machine with your Read Dr property. I watch a lot of real estate shows on TV & it's hard to believe an agent in Summerside PE has a better website. Compared to other agents you are years ahead of the game." ... Tyler, Summerside Business Marketing/Sales Specialist.

Open and Look at these PDF files, and ask yourself "Which one of these services do I not want when I choose to list with another realtor?":

Real Estate Company Comparison Chart
Century 21 Northumberland Marketing Advantages
Century 21 Seller Service Pledge
Michael Poczynek's Listing Presentation

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